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  • Pastor Ken Gentzler will be here Sunday morning 9:30 am to deliver a message to our Ebenezer RC family.   Sue ANn will provide musical accompaniment before and after his message. We need to come together in prayer and be of like mind for the kingdom.   Ken will be doing this next Sunday as well, April 5!  
  • Please reach out to each other the socially acceptable way, via phone or email during this time.  Let’s make sure we are taking care of each other.  The office is open during this time and if you need anything please don’t hesitate to reach out to the office. 1-616-396-7071.  If you have any questions or need something after hours, you can call Kathleen’s cell  1-269-217-2929.
  • Pastor John Ornee will be delivering our Resurrection Sunday message via online service as of today.  Believing we will be together for this important time of the year.
  •  Committee night will NOT be on March 31.  If a committee wants to meet on their own, please do so!
  • The return of church events will be communicated via email as soon as we are able to resume.  
  • Daily prayer: God gives us His word to study it, and to gain insight into the Salvation that comes by trusting in Jesus Christ.  Jesus uses it to prepare and to equip his people to do every good work( 2nd Timothy 3:17). Do not fall into the enemy’s trap, with fear of this virus. Fear has no hold on me. God has not given us a spirit of fear but of sound mind. Use his words in your daily walk. Pray out loud so the enemy must flee. Pray for the weak and the negative people around you, that they become stronger. We need to be a good example of God’s work in us. Thank you Lord for putting a shield of protection around my family and friends. Bless them as they go about their day and let no harm come to them. Lord I humble and bow before you to thank you for the power of obedience and following your ways. I pray for our Nation, that this virus needs to die from the root. This will happen when we all pray against this together. – Amen.  
  • Giving- please continue with tithes either via online giving through our website or mailing it to the church or dropping it off at the church.  If you have any questions or concerns about options, please contact the office, Keith Mokma or Chris Slagh. 
  • Pastoral Care Needed? For any pastoral care needs this week contact Dale Becksford at 616.566.2879; or one of the Elders.
  • to watch the sermon Sunday morning 9:30am.   Another communication will follow about other viewing options possible.
  • Please enjoy some music via the links below and spend some time in prayer when you can.
Blessings and hugs to all.  We keep the Ebenezer family in prayer and look forward to seeing all again soon.